I am....an Artist, Dreamer, eternal Optimist.  I am inspired by the beauty of Nature, the oddity of Dreams and the Magic present in our everyday life.  I love to capture those twilight dreams, the in-between of being asleep and awake.  

I've always loved to draw and create little scenarios since I was young. During my middle school years a friend introduced my family to a Russian gentleman, Michail Lermontov.  A kind and talented artist, he was the principal of a local Russian school and offered weekend art classes to youth for $2 a weekend ($3 in the winter).  We met in the basement of their community hall, Rodina.  

It was here I learned the fundamentals of drawing and painting while being immersed in a beautiful Russian culture.  I loved it there, the guidance, friendships and community.  During my high school years our family moved to the Midwest.  I continued to draw and paint for myself but never thought to pursue it as a career.

Then life happened; college, graduate school, work, marriage.   My husband Andy and I have been married for 18 years now and we have a beautiful 10 year old daughter, Birgitte.

We love living on a small farm in N.E. Kansas raising chickens, ducks and two dogs.  Soon we plan to add a few sheep, pigs and alpacas.  We started a small farm business (Dragonfly Farm) selling what we grow on the farm as jams, jellies, vinegars as well as goats milk soap and scrubs at local farmers markets. Its hard work, but we work together as a family and have fun with it( our daughter even started baking cupcakes and selling at the markets!)

Through all these wonderful adventures I've continued to draw and paint on and off.  So as I turn 50 this year I decided to gift myself this website and emboldened myself to share my artwork and snippets of the stories that come from each painting.  

I hope you enjoy them!

Peace and Love, 


About my Tree Mythology Series:

I have always been drawn to the forest having spent much of my childhood playing out imaginary tales and adventures there.  Spending time alone there yet never feeling quite alone I could feel a strong sense of Spirit present.

The tree spirits began showing up in my sketchbook more than 20 years ago.  They have been growing and multiplying in my mind and dreams.  Once I began to paint them their personalities developed and stories unfolded. 

A common thread found in world mythology and folklore is the central role trees played in power relationships among the God/Goddess realm and mortal world.  Trees were often worshiped and believed to possess powerful spirits, often in the form of a woman or Goddess.

What became apparent to me was that these spirits represented a time when women and nature were held in high regard.  A time when humans still felt and understood their connection with the natural world working within its rhythms.   

Trees still have a story to tell, a song to sing.  We simply need to be willing to listen.